Conference sound and projection
Conference sound and projection

Here’s how AV Solutions provides large conference services:

Pre-conference planning and consultations with client as needed.

AVS prepares a competitive bid featuring a lower overall cost than the venue can provide, plus our personal owner-operated service.

Pre-con communication with facility staff to insure seamless delivery, setup and coordination.

AVS staff travels, checks-in and delivers the AV gear to the venue. We stay on-site to operate and provide the shortest response times during the conference.

AVS works along-side our clients executing their schedule with personal service.

AVS never double books any large events, so we can concentrate on the conference, only.

AVS has post-con meetings to facilitate improvement for the next conference.

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Most of our large conferences are annual events. We do not double book, so if you have a date, please contact us soon to see if our schedule is open.

What about in-house AV and Hotel contracts? See our “Why AV Solutions” page.

Email here or Call AVS 805-550-1340 now to discuss your conference, and get a bid.

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