Why AV Solutions AV and Streaming?

“Just like Hollywood” – Alan Arkin, SLOIFF 2010

In San Luis Obispo, Ca. since 1997.

AV Solutions has serviced over 8,500 meetings & events in the past 23 years. Personal service is the way we do it. 

TV Style Virtual Meetings

Live stream, Video-conferencing, Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, Google Meet!!!

In this new age of work from home, AV Solutions coordinates and manages your meeting, your participants and details for engaging TV style remote meetings on a lightning fast fiber-optic network.

Pre-meeting: participants login for individual instruction on best practices and optimization of their gear and setting. All videos and titles are loaded into AVS’ pro TV mixing system. Run of show is produced and rehearsed. Meeting invitations with links are generated and distributed.

Meeting: all attendees login. Titles, voice-over, videos, Chat and other elements are inserted into your meeting as planned. Full HD recording and simultaneous streaming to your Social Media sites are options.

Post meeting: Engagement and contact reports, chat records are generated and delivered to you. Full HD video files are edited for and posted. Bask in the glory of your great event. Schedule your next successful event with AV Solutions!

Why choose AV Solutions?

Because experience counts.

Mike, our founder, co-owner and operator has a background of 40 years working with clients and TV, Video production and AV. In 1997, Mike and his wife Denise started Audio Visual Solutions in San Luis Obispo Ca. Bringing national AV experience to the local market was a hit with the local venues and started attracting corporate clients for annual and reoccurring events. More than 20 years later, AVS continues to work with many of our original clients, services our annual clients and takes on new clients that value our personal level of service. 

1. AVS provides the Central Coast with TV & AV standards of professionalism and the equipment expected in large markets.

2. AVS travels with our clients to provide consistent service, saving money compared to venue based AV options.

3. AVS provides personal owner-operated service that the big AV companies can never achieve with low-wage techs.

4. With so many jobs completed to our customers’ satisfaction, AVS works to understand and fulfill the requirements of each individual event.

What about venue AV companies?

When choosing a venue, you should also choose an AV company that meets your specific event needs, including your budget. You will get a great AV experience by choosing the best AV team for your event. In larger markets, some resorts’ in-house AV companies may have an “mandatory” AV clause in their Banquet Contract. Hotel sales departments are often willing to cancel the in-house AV clause to get your Food and Beverage and room business. Many times it’s easier to negotiate off-site AV than you might think. If your venue has an AV clause, ask for the AV clause to be deleted before you sign any contract. If there is a service fee, negotiate it as low as possible and keep your options open.

AV Solutions is the trusted AV company for many of our local hotels and venues, so we know how to work with sales and banquet staffs, and we do not use mandatory AV clauses.

With AV Solutions, you are not on your own. Once we understand your AV needs, we will help you negotiate with the venue and on-site AV company to get the most for your budget.

Our clients see up to 50% cost savings over in-house only AV quotes.

We encourage you to get a bid from the in-house AV company, even if you plan not to use them. It will give you a baseline price for vendor comparison.  Pay attention to their responsiveness, bid reply time,  detail, professionalism, in addition to their final price.

Using AV Solutions results in consistency. Our team is your team!

In-house AV companies deal with every other on-site event scheduled on your event day.  AV Solutions is your team for your event and you will have our undivided attention throughout.  Using different in-house AV companies at each new venue requires a lot of re-training by you, and may result in inconsistent performance.  Once you find a company you enjoy working with, your AV issues will be reduced greatly. Our independent AV team will get to know you, your needs and will deliver consistency wherever your events are held.

References available upon request.

Call AVS at 805-787-0342

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