Virtual Meetings with Live Streaming & Recording, Video Conferencing

AVS virtual meeting and conferencing includes video & audio live plus streaming & recording using up to date streaming and recording equipment integrated with our AV sound and projection to give you the professional result you’re looking for.


AVS consults and sets up your space for Video and Audio Streaming/Recording. This includes business conferencing and virtual meetings, Music and Band streaming and remote video recording of your presenters. AVS streams to Facebook, YouTube, Zoom or to any other web format or platform.

AVS has single webcam to Pro multi-camera switched productions. With pro lighting and sound, we will capture your content and present the way you decide it should be presented.

Multi-streaming to multiple platforms will give your message an amplified effect. We can maximize your reach all at the same time with live simulcasting.

So, if its producing a Zoom meeting with your team or a fully staffed multi-cam production, AVS will work to understand your specific needs and bring you the AV Solution.

Call 805-787-0342 to discuss your project.

YouTube Examples:

AVS Virtual Meeting – Zoom, Wine industry

AVS Product Video

AVS produces promotional videos for web-sites to drive customers to our clients using an authentic relatable and personal style.

Athlon Fitness Demo

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