Events & Pitfalls

We support many types of events locally and abroad including: conferences, meetings, banquets, auctions, panel discussions, focus groups, wine tastings, wedding ceremonies and more.

It’s important to match the right equipment to the type of event.


Pitfall 1: Over your head DJ.

You do not generally get a great result hiring a DJ to do sound for a conference. We recently did dual projection for a large non-profit banquet/auction/presentation/fundraiser of 600 people, and the sound was unintelligible. A DJ had been hired. He did not have the mics tuned properly for the auctioneer, so the sound was distorted and cut out as the systems clipped the signal. After we stepped-in and corrected that during the auction, the main presenter was up next. He had been flown in from the East-Coast and could not be understood as he struggled through his speech. Not only was his lapel mic not properly set, but the speakers being used had a large base component, best for music, rather than emphasizing the highs and mids used for speech.

Pitfall 2: Concert system overkill. 

We recently did dual projection for an educational banquet/Skype/presentation/fundraiser event of 900 in a warehouse type expo center. A concert style sound system was hired and staffed by an out of town company. It was an impressive line array system that could have been seen at a mid sized outdoor concert, and was very expensive. The sound operator was fighting feedback all night as the powerful speakers were in close proximity to the lively presentation (condenser) mics on stage.

Pitfall 3: Display issues.

We routinely run into projection display compatibility issues when clients use with their own projectors or use venue projectors in combination with their presenters’ laptops that often arrive at the last minute. When you have a presentation utilizing multiple or unpracticed laptops or a mix of Power point/Keynote/video/Skype and HD copyrighted content, the display compatibility can be problematic. We use professional scaler/switchers to match-up your signals ahead of time or on the fly, display a downloaded logo and provide constant sync to the displays. During the show your audience only sees what you want them to see.

At AV Solutions, we do NOT supply concert sound for large musical events. We concentrate on projection, speaking applications and background music. We use a mix of gear to achieve clear sound and solid display.

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