Your Virtual Meetings in fast Broadcast News style.

AV Solutions is providing our clients with much more than the boring straight Zoom Meeting. AVS uses television broadcasting expertise, pro-gear and a lightning fast fiber-optic network to bring interest and engagement to your next meeting or webinar.

Your attendees’ logos, names and titles animated, pre-recorded videos anytime, picture-in-picture, cube spin-in, Q&A, Chat, Polls, pro MC, virtual sets, live studio, multi-camera, remote video recording, participants from anywhere on the globe: AVS can include it making your meeting amazing.

Call or email us now to discuss your meeting and budget. 805-787-0342

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Mike and Denise Shandroff established AV Solutions in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1997. After working in the AV business locally and nationally since 1984, we settled in San Luis Obispo and quickly became the preferred AV service provider for area venues and companies as well as national AV booking companies. AV Solutions primarily services local hotels, restaurants, conference facilities and travels with clients to provide AV for their programs in other markets.

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